How Can I Make You Feel Beautiful?

Custom Clothing Designs

Fashion is not one size fits all. It should be customized and personalized to you and your body. With my custom made pieces, I can help look and feel your best. It is only a 3 step process:


1. Consultation

The first step of the process starts with a conversation. After you make an appointment, you and I will have a chance to discuss your fashion vision: the fabric, the pattern, the color, all of your desired specifications.

Bringing a photo reference is recommended to better express your ideas. This meeting can be either a phone call, video chat, or in-person meeting*.

2. Design

After our discussion, it will be time to take your measurements. If you’ve never done this before, that's okay, because I can walk you through the process. Once I receive them, I will then begin designing your items. This process usually takes a 2 days- 2 weeks. There will be two rounds of fittings.

The first is to make sure that everything is correct and to suggest an changes or alterations with the design.

The final fitting will be when the design is done.

3. Delivery

Once the final design is done, it will be shipped out to you! Then congratulations, you will have your customized fashion item. Here's to a more confident and beautiful you!.

My Process


Store Policy & Shipping Information for Custom Clothing

In-person meetings are only available to people living in either The Bronx or Manhattan. Anywhere else in NYC will be charge fee.

Shipping takes up to 2 weeks


Clothing Alterations

There are times when we think, "If I could just make the waist of my jeans a bit smaller, they would be perfect."I can help you achieve perfection. Make an appointment with me today to alterate any garment of your choosing.


1. In-Person Meeting

After you make an appointment, there will be a chance to have an in-person meeting. You will need to bring in the clothing you wish to have alternated.

2. Alterations

I will take your clothing and will begin making the appropriate alterations.

There will be 2 rounds for fitting and t make any necessary changes

3. Delivery

Once everything is complete you can either come back to pick up your items or pay for shipping and handling.

How It Works

Store Policy & Shipping Information for Clothing Alterations

Prices may vary depending on the alteration requested. Please see pricing details down below.

In-home alteration’s require clients to have a minimum of 3 garments to alterate.

Shipping takes up to 2 weeks

Same day alterations are for simple alterations. Additional fees may apply


 Pricing Table