About Daysi Collection Inc.

Daysi's Story

This Honduran native started putting needle to thread at 12 years old. She has bold memories of her father’s spinning wheel bobbin. She recalls how she would sometimes sneak around to watch him work into the morning hours.

Daysi is part of the Garifuna community of Honduras. Garifuna are a minority ethnicity with a robust culture. Daysi attributes her Garifuna roots to many of the styles, patterns and textiles that inspire her collection. “When it was time to go out, I remember how elegant the women in my family dressed,” says Daysi. “Sometimes I just imagine what my mother or one of my aunts would have worn back then.”

Extensive research and careful techniques govern the development and design of each piece. She is committed to making clothes for women of all shapes and sizes. “Every woman is beautiful, it just takes the right design and alterations to accentuate it,” she proudly exclaims. Daysi’s Collection works diligently to create custom pieces that embrace the client. “The dress doesn’t make the woman, the woman makes the dress. A woman should not have to change herself to fit her clothes.”

Besides being a designer, Daysi is a wife, mom, daughter and sister. Her family commitments are as important as her work. With love and patience, Daysi expands her collection one piece at a time.